Me in a Nutshell

Well. Here I am. Starting a blog. Holy cats!

For a short introduction of myself to the blogging world, and more likely for just all of those in en3177, I’ll start by telling you that I am a sophomore in college pursuing a major in both English and Spanish education. I’m from a small town in North Western MN where there is a strong sense of community and no stoplights. I really enjoy reading, being outdoors, and experiencing new things (which is why I’ve started this blog). I have constant wanderlust, and plan to start my career as an educator somewhere, or really anywhere, foreign. With that being said, I’m constantly looking for new ideas of places to travel to, domestic or foreign, so please feel free to leave me travel ideas or share experiences you may have had! 

Well that’s me, can’t wait to read about you!

6 thoughts on “Me in a Nutshell

  1. Hey Molly. You got the blog and Twitter working after all—hooray! In the past few months I developed a serious case of wonderlust, too, but that’s probably natural after eight years of living in Bemidji. I want to go somewhere warmer. Much, much warmer.

    I recommend Washington State. I haven’t been there for years, but a friend from high school lives there now and she posts theee most beautiful pictures of the place. See for yourself:

  2. Hi Molly! You’ve inspired me to recall upon my trip to France, which may now be a new blog entry on “Whitney Said…What?” Feel free to look for it there soon and maybe we can chat more about travel! Happy writing!

  3. I also have constant wanderlust. I moved around and traveled all the time throughout my childhood and teen years. It wasn’t until just recently that I started to settle down in one place, and that’s primarily because I started school. I’ve been thinking about Sino Summer and going to China with the school, or doing Euro-Spring, just to get a taste of traveling for a bit and not have it interrupt my education. What are some places you have traveled to?

    • I’ve looked at both of those trips as well, and they both seem like they’d be a lot of fun.
      I’ve traveled most of the continental U.S. with the exception of the south west, east coast regions (which I hope to do in the near future). I’ve also been to Jamaica, and parts of England, France, and Italy and Canada.

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