First Week in the Books

What a week. This week I started on my new life adventure and career path by moving to Bemidji, and starting classes on my way to becoming an educator. Even though it has only been a week, I have to say it is already evident that I am finally where I need to be in school, and in life. What an incredible feeling. I encourage everyone who stops by to read this blog, to stop. breathe. And take a moment look around you and just analyze where you are in life. Are you here for you, or are here for someone else or because you’ve falsely convinced yourself that this is where you want to be, even though you dream about doing something different with your life? It is never too late to start making decision that reflect who you are. One of the best feeling I have experienced yet in life, is taking the steps to do the things that I know in my heart I want to do, and ignoring the other notions my mind makes up about what I should be doing instead. We are intuitive creatures. You are wise. Trust yourself. 


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