Day 211

There are 342 days remaining in the year. For no particular reason I’m going to describe two separate things that I would like to be doing on day 211. (July 30th, 2014)

1. If at all possible I would like to be soaking up the majesty, eloquence and artistry that is Europe. Experiencing something very new, while brushing up on my foreign language skills.


2. I would like to be working in some sort of summer camp, or organization working with any age level of kids. This is because It sounds like fun (I love kids), and because It would be good experience to work with large groups of children/teenagers before I become a teacher and am faced the challenges of doing so on a daily basis.

Even though it is my goal to be doing one of these two things on day 211, I will be satisfied when I reflect on this blog post if I am spending day 211 with genuine people, doing things I genuinely love. In my book, that would be a perfectly acceptable day, in any location, on any given day of any year. Maybe, I’ll just strive for that and see what follows.

2 thoughts on “Day 211

  1. I like your day 211. I would like to be doing either one of the two. I am teacher and it is good to get different kinds of experiences with kids/teenagers. Things are different day to day and at times you have to be creative and quick to change things up.

    • I admire you and teachers in general immensely. Teaching is not only about being able to present subject matter in a way that is understandable and inspiring, it also about being able to get the audience to want to focus and participate long enough for you to present the subject matter to them. I’m obviously not yet a teacher, but I have been a student, and I would guess that the latter is at least half the battle. I definitely want to make myself well equipped!

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