Creative Commons and Intellectual Property

Intellectual property–  is a legal term for musical, literary, artistic, phrases, symbols, designs, inventions, and other creations of the mind, for which the creator holds exclusive rights.

The Creative Commons movement is towards making certain types of Intellectual property open for the public to use to be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built upon, while still remaining within the boundaries of the copyright law by obtaining one of the following licenses.

Attribution: The most accommodating license offered. Allows others to distribute, and change your work however they like, and even use that changed product commercially as long as they give you the credit for the original creation.

Attribution- NoDerivs: Allows for anyone to redistribute, commercially and non-commercially as long as the product is passed along unchanged and in whole, and credited to you.

Attribution- NonCommercial- ShareAlike: Lets others remake and build upon your work only non-commercially as long as they credit you and license the creation under the same terms.

Attribution- ShareAlike: Lets others remake and build upon your work and use it commercially, as long as they credit you, and license their creations under the same terms.

Attribution- NonCommercial: Same as Attribution- NonCommercial- ShareAlike only the creator doesn’t have to license their new creation on the same terms.

Attribution- NonCommercial-  NoDerivs: the most restrictive of the six. Allows others to download your works and share then with others as long as you are credited. The work cannot be changed in anyway or used commercially.

After reading about these things I think I would personally, as far as this blog goes, and anything else I create use the Attribution- NonCommercial- NoDerivs license. The reason for this would be because I would want people to share, and download anything I post on here in hopes that they would maybe be able to learn from, teach about, or be inspired by the things I have created, but not change any of it. The things I have created are of me. They are essentially a part of me written down or displayed for the world to experience. That being said, it would be strange to me to let someone else change my creations, because in a sense, they would be warping that little piece of me, in some way, that creation would be losing some of its authenticity. My thoughts are always subject to change, but this is where they currently rest on this subject.

One thought on “Creative Commons and Intellectual Property

  1. I like how you set this up as a series of individual definitions, and put the words being define in BOLD. That makes i a lot easier to just view the post, easily find the term I’m looking for, and be done/move on to the next thing. I am Pro-people using my ideas and building on them, so it’s interesting to me to read your point of view on it learn your reasoning for why you wouldn’t want your ideas altered in any way. I understand and totally respect your reasoning! I just never thought about it from your perspective (such as when you said that’s like “warping a piece of me” and that the “creation would be losing some of its authenticity”).

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