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After reading this week’s blogging homework, Blogging, I learned there are three different types of blogs out in the world. They are usually categorized as Personal blogs, filter blogs, and purpose driven blogs. Below I will list a few links to example blogs of each type, and then explain the set up and purposes of each different blog type.

-Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are used as a medium through which writers can share their personal thoughts, feelings, and even daily activities, basically whatever personal stuff they feel like sharing.

This first blog titled, These Four Years, is written by a friend of mine, and is basically composed of her everyday thoughts.  These thoughts are personal, but written in a composition style of writing, through which she often addresses her audience, making her audience feel more engaged in her posts.

This next blog titled, My Own Personal Grey, is filled with all of the personal happenings of Kat Richardson. In this blog that she has had since 2006, she writes about things going on with her writing career as well as things happening at home and in her more personal life, she includes pictures now and then, and seems to create a post every 1-3 days.

My last blog example for this category titled Angela Syverson, is about the different thoughts and ideas of none other than Angela Syverson. Her posts are very interesting and easy to relate to. Though she doesn’t write an everyday post, her blog, like These Four Years are about some of their more serious and meaty thoughts, which are beautifully written out and explained in both blogs.

-Filter Blogs


Filter blogs are like personal blogs in that they show the reader parts of themselves through the things they link to. These types of blogs usually have less about the creator’s personal offline life, and more about what that creator found interesting that day online.   
This Blog by Stanton Prescott is pretty close to a true filter blog. You will notice that though he post some personal things, his posts almost always contain a link to which is personal, or not so personal  writing in the post is associated with.

In this Blog by Emily Contois, many different topics are discussed, from proper food to eat at the  Superbowl, to tips on writing. I would consider this a filter blog as she doesn’t include a lot about her personal life offline, and writes about things on the web that she has linked to.

My last filter blog example entitled I Miss You When I Blink, is similar to the previous one in that she includes lots of links that she writes about in humorous way.


-Purpose-Driven Blogs

Purpose-driven blogs are different from the first two categories in that they typically leave out any kind of personal references, and focus more on a specific topic to which the site has been dedicated.

My first example of a Purpose driven blog is Irene’s Kayaking Blog, this blog, as you would guess, contains information, and pictures that all have to do with Irene’s kayaking adventures, specifically those around the Seattle area.

This next blog, The Pioneer Woman, is by far my favorite cooking blog. The creator is witty and her post hold a lot of humor, and  her recipes are delicious!

The last example of this category is this blog about gardening. This blog will tell you everything you need to know about gardening.  

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