Weekly Reflections (Week Four)

This Week in Weblogs, I gained a new perspective on what it means to actually have to perform socially using technology. To recap, though socializing via social media sites like Facebook doesn’t happen face to face, there is still an extensive amount of social performing that needs to be done. In fact, sometimes things get more complicated socializing on these sites because we have to maintain a level of appropriateness with all of our different networks of people we are connected with that are usually remain separate in our everyday lives and now collide as we have allowed them all into our single all inclusive social media networks. To read more about this topic you can read my post Performing Socially Online and Having to Deal With Colliding Networks.

Otherwise, the week went well for me in regard to this class. I’m finding that my preferred method of writing and gathering my materials for the weekly assignments is using a Word document and then copy and pasting from there when I’m ready to post. I save URL’s and everything there so when I want to go back into the post to link things I have everything I need in one place.



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