Wiki Reflections

Here we are, reflecting on week 6 already!

This week we discussed, and became WikiParticipants. I was pretty nervous about starting wikis as I knew very little about them, however after our class on Tuesday, I was very relieved to find them to be a lot less scary than I first Imagined. I even found the process of adding and editing quite enjoyable. The other two ladies in my group did an excellent job adding content to our pages. My only trouble with the week, was trying to decide what more to add to our page WikiLurker. I felt like they had pretty much covered it all by the time I looked at our wiki pages, and so did my best to just edit, and rearrange some things.

This coming week I feel I would like to work further on our wiki page, discussing with my group members various ways in which we could organize our info, to make it quicker and easier to access by WikiLurkers. 

I have enjoyed working with wikis so far, and I think am starting to see their true potential.

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