Notes on Wikis

Look what I found in my drafts! This is work from a while ago that I typed up but it for some reason didn’t publish. Anyway, it’s here if anyone out there would like an analysis of wikis.

This posting is simply my notes on some of things I learned and observed around week 5 about the world of wikis.

By clicking through linked pages from my WelcomeToWikiPleaseBePolite starting point on, I came upon a page called Disagree by deleting that contained some interesting discussion, though the discussion in and of itself was amusing, I thought it was interesting how someone had edited the page to contain discussion section separate from the original topic of the page.

This was not the same however for every page on,  and I thought maybe it should be so the readers can quickly identify any discussion happening on any various page and be more likely to join in.  Every page on this site however seemed to have a little different page layout, which we were warned about, but this aspect of the wiki kind of kept me on my toes.

On, there was a separate discussion section for every page. I thought this to be a well-organized layout. The pages on this site in general tended to be a lot more uniformed than those on c2.

Something else I liked about is their random page link on the top menu of every page. This allows a reader to easily change topics completely by a single click. I found this useful in seeing just how large and web like a wiki can become. My first click took me to a page written completely in French. Click again, and something completely new. Massive amounts of info.

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