First Week Project Reflection

For my blogging project on ways to cook healthier I decided start off on baking tips i.e., tips that can make baking healthier. That being said, I used week one to put to test the three most uncommon healthier baking tips I found, trying them out in actual recipes. My first trial was subbing in black beans in place of oil. The second was swapping avocado puree in for butter. The Last was using applesauce in place of sugar.

Overall, the trials went really well. I enjoy baking so it wasn’t difficult to get myself motivated to start the baking projects. The difficult part was more so to take the time after baking to sit down and write about it. I found I was tired after baking, as I usually got to it in the evening, and just wanted to sleep after doing my dishes. I was able to push through. I kept notes and took pictures of my results, and produced a posting for all three of my trials that are linked to in the first paragraph. 

Next week I will be doing similar trials and will also include a couple more informative posts on things I find via the internet or elsewhere that discuss how to generally make cooking healthier. I will hopefully create four posts this week. At least two of my posts this week will be similar trials to the ones I did with baking. These trials will be testing out healthier cooking alternative suggestions, and focusing on general tips that can make cooking healthier.


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