April 7th Weekly Reflection

For my project this week, I created five posts that all centered on general healthy cooking tips. I began with general cooking tips that explain how reduce the amount of fat and salt in cooking. My next post offered general substitution ideas that can be used to make meals healthier, an example being switching processed cheese for natural real cheese. Staying on this same track I included a post that provides ideas on adding produce to your meals to make them healthier. Using some of the ideas from these posts, I created two posts explaining the methods and results to that came from my  two trials this week. These posts are A Better Grilled Cheese, and Make a Better Pasta Dish.

I have to say that everything went really very well for me this week. I posted all of the things I wanted to, and feel I included adequate information in each post. One thing I did this week, that made organizing my thoughts a little easier, was starting all of the posts at the same time as word documents, and just working on them all at the same time throughout the week. As a lot of this information can overlap, I was able to add and exchange information between posts creating a more organized layout using this method. As a result, I posted all of my posts the same day. I’m not entirely sure if that is an acceptable method for this project, but it certainly was convenient for me.

Next, I will be starting my two week long exploration of eating healthier while on a budget. I am extremely excited for this topic. I have had many people ask me already about what they can cook that is cheap but also healthy. Being a poor college student myself, I am eager to gain some insight on this topic for my own personal use. This week will likely not contain any trials. Instead I’m thinking I may include a summery of a scholarly article about poverty and nutrition or something similar.


One thought on “April 7th Weekly Reflection

  1. It’s typically wiser to post a series over a number of days. The timing allows for responses and consideration before the next post. Blogs are time-based, and pacing your posts lets you develop and build on ideas in sequence. Try using that pace.

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