Project Week 3 Reflections

Week three of the project is in the books!

I had a lot of great content planned for this week. I ended up using the same approach I did last week which came back to bite me in the butt, so to speak, this week. Instead of posting over a period of multiple days, as I noticed later Professor Morgan suggested I do, I started all of my posts at the same time and was planning on working on them throughout the week. Unlike last week, however, typical life stuff came up and I was not able to work on my posts when I had planned to work on them. You would think after a solid seven years of having to manage time and homework, I would remember not procrastinate and to expect the unexpected. Such a simple idea, yet so easily ignored and forgotten. Anyway, I only managed to put together one post this week. This post is an overview of tips on how to stretch your dollar in order to cook healthier on a budget. Early in the week I decided to change my blog format to better suit the multiple purposes of my blog. My blog now has a header photo somewhat correlating with my blog’s title, as well as pages that will allow my readers easier access to the wide array of topics I cover using this blog.

Things I learned this week:
Besides all of information on my post Preparing Healthy Meals on a Low Income Budget, I learned how important it is to produce post daily and even ahead of time. This not only compensates for unforeseen distractions, but also keeps your readers involved. Posting one post per day in a series allows your readers time to comment on a post, and gives you time to respond and adapt your future work accordingly.

The upcoming week:
This week I am planning to build off of last week’s post. My posts will include in-depth information about the 6 topics I presented in last week. Make sure to come back for some valuable information on how you can conserve money while preparing healthy meals.


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