Tips on Smarter Shopping

Coupons Coupons Coupons!

Though in recent years coupon use has held a negative social stigma, being viewed as something you poked fun of your grandma for, it is starting to make a comeback, and for good reason. It has been seen that some people, like Susan Samtur the author of Super Shop Like the Coupon Queen, are able to save on average 50-60 percent a week at the supermarket with coupons! Samtur shared her  experiences and tips on using coupons with Amanda Greene, who, using Samtur’s tips, wrote an interesting article in Woman’s Day magazine called 10 Things you Didn’t Know About Coupons. Some interesting things Greene shares in her article Include number 3 in on her list, “Coupons benefit those who aren’t brand loyal,” which explains that looking for coupon deals at a variety of stores in your area will allow you save more money than people who are loyal to only one grocery chain. I also found number 9 on her list to be an excellent tip, “If your store is out of a sale product that they advertised, they can offer you a rain check.” I had no idea stores did this. I highly recommend reading this article, as it provides some great advice on how you can save money shopping smarter with the help of coupons.


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