Guides for Freezing Produce

Ever start a garden, see a great sale on in-season produce, or just not use that bundle of spinach you bought last week as quickly as you thought, and wish that you knew how to preserve extra produce to use later? Well wish no more! I have scoured the internet looking for the best written out instructions on how to properly freeze fruits, vegetables, so we will waste money, and miss out on savings no more!

Okay, before we begin you will notice that this post concentrates solely on the freezing method to preserve produce though there are other methods of preserving produce. The Freezing method, however, is the best in preserving the nutrient value of the food you are preserving, and the easiest to learn.  Alright, now that we got that straightened out, let’s get started!


Living Well: 11 Secrets To Properly Freezing Produce

  • This first site gives impeccable detail, along with photographs instructing on how to properly freeze fruits and vegetables. She separates the information out logically starting with prep, then moving on to freezing, labeling and storing, and even includes information on thawing. This is truly one site that gives all you need to know about the Freezing as a technique for preserving food.

Growing seasons for local, organic produce

  • This link is for a printable chart for seasonal produce in the Northwest, where I, and most people who view my blog, are from. What produce is in season and when varies by location so be sure to adhere to a guide that is for your area. As buying produce in season, helps ensure the quality of the food, and is typically cheaper,  I suggest printing out this chart or one similar, and then hang it on your fridge so you have a reference for planning out your meals throughout the year.

Freezing Herbs

  • Although this post is centered on freezing fruits and vegetables, It’s also important to know how to preserve your excess herbs throughout the summer season and into the fall and winter.

Hopefully you all found these links as helpful as I did for a guide on freezing produce! Please leave me a comment if there are other helpful sites that you use for tips on freezing. Good luck in your freezing endeavors!


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