Project Final Week Reflection

What I’ve been up to:

This week I’ve been discussing ways in which we can cook healthier meals during the summer months. My first post this week, Cooking Healthy in Summer: popsicles, grilling and more, focused on healthier food choices and cooking methods that are directly applicable to the summer months. My second post, Gardening: When you Have no Space for a Garden, talked about ways in which people in various living situations can produce their own fruits and vegetables. I chose to include this topic as having access to fruits and vegetable is crucial in healthy cooking, and people who have limited access typically also have no yard for a conventional garden. As gardening is something that is started in the upcoming weeks, it seemed appropriate to include. Stemming from my second post was my third post, Guides for Freezing Produce. This post provides links to good sources on freezing produce and herbs. I discuss these links and why you should check them out on this post.


What went well:

Overall I had an excellent week. I was able to post everything I was planning to, and greatly enjoyed my weeks topic of summer cooking.


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