Project Final Write Up

General History of the Project:
Recapping on my project proposal,using my WordPress blog, I wanted to provide tips, resources, and recipe ideas that would expand the reader’s and my own view and knowledge of healthy cooking. I planned to do this assignment including posting 3- 4 posts a week with at least 2 posts being around the 500- 750 word range.

General Progress of Project:
For my project I researched and wrote about 4 topics all having to do with healthy cooking. These topics were: 1. Making desserts and sweet treats healthier, which I covered in week one, 2. Healthy cooking in general, which I covered in week 2, 3. Cooking healthy on a budget, which I covered in weeks three and four, and 4. How we can cook healthy in summer, and how to utilize our resources during summer to cook healthier all year, which I covered in week 5.
Starting off each week I only knew what general topic I wanted to cover for that week, and only had a general idea of what kinds of things I would be including in my 3-4 posts. As a result, every week’s layout was different.

For week one, with the topic of how to make desserts healthier, I researched tips for making desserts healthier and decided I was going to use the week to test out three baking substitutions that I thought were the most bizarre, or shocking. So for this week, I wrote about my baking trials that included: using black beans instead of oil in a brownie recipe, using avocado instead of butter in a chocolate chip cookie recipe, and using applesauce instead of sugar in a cupcake recipe.

  • Although this week’s posting went really very well, with 3 posts and my avocado post with over 500 words, I still felt like it wasn’t quite complete. At the start of this week I originally wanted to do three trial posts (which I did), and one post that included a listing of healthier baking substitutions, additions, and etc., like I did in week two with general healthy cooking. Because I ended up spending so much of my time baking, and writing up my posts about my trials, I just wasn’t able make room time wise for that last posting.

For week two, with the topic of how to make cooking in general healthier, I researched tips and techniques for making cooking in general healthier. This resulted in 3 posts about how to reduce the amount of fat and sodium in cooking, healthy cooking substitutions, and how to incorporate more produce in your cooking. Along with these 3 posts I also did 2 trials during week two testing out some of the tips and techniques I presented for a total of 5 posts this week.

  • Week 2 was by far my most productive week. Not only did I create 5 postings, 2 of those (How to Reduce the Amount of Fat and Sodium in Your Cooking, and Cooking Substitutions for Healthier Meals) posts were over 1000 words, and one was just shy of 500. Although I was happy with the overall content I created this week, I tried a working method that involved me working on all my posts at the same time throughout the week in order to better organize my content, and then posting them all at the same time at the end of the week. Although this was convenient for me for that particular week, this method would prove to have some drawbacks as I’ll explain in a minute.

For week three I had High hopes of including great content about how to prepare healthy meals on a low income budget. This week I only created 1, 700 word posting on preparing healthy meals on a budget. This post included 6 tips on cooking healthy on a budget, and so, my goal was to create 6 posts based off of those 6 tips going more indepth on each tip in my posting.

  • For this week I worked on this main post and parts of other posts throughout the week, continuing with the method from the week before, but part way through the week I had to leave town for a few days to help out with some family stuff, and so I wasn’t able to finish my sub posts for that week.

Week 4 went better moving forward with my plan from the week before I posted one 1500 word posting about 15 inexpensive healthy foods, one 800 word posting about buying in bulk, and one shorter post about couponing for a total of 3 posts.

For week 5 I wrote about cooking healthy in summer, and using summer to cook healthy year around. This week went really well with 3 total postings, 1 focused on tips and recipe ideas for cooking healthier summer favorites, 1 post about container gardening, and 1 post about freezing produce for healthier meals year all year.

  • A few obstacles that I encountered this week was that with both the gardening and the freezing posts, I thought I knew exactly how these posts were going to look when I started, but the more I got into them the more I realized that there was way more to both of these things than originally thought. This caused me to change my postings slightly, and just figure out how to either focus my posting more (like I did with gardening) or include more links(like I did with freezing) to produce quality postings.


Even though I didn’t include all of the information that I always hoped to, I thought this project went pretty well. On average I posted exactly the amount of times I was hoping for, with quite a few with pretty good length. I also felt I did pretty well with the inclusion of links in my posts. Two great examples being in my posts: How to Incorporate Produce to make meals Healthier, and Guides for Freezing Produce

A few things I would do differently next time would probably work with the overall layout of my blog more, as far as having a more completed menu bar to make my blog easier to navigate, and posting more regularly throughout the week in order to hopefully gain followers.

From the actual information Itself, I learned a ton about healthier cooking, which was part of my goal for this project.
Aside from the information included in my blog, I also learned a lot about the art of blogging from doing this project. I now understand how much planning and time goes into topic based blogging for an audience.

I also learned from doing this project, and also by comparing my blog to more successful blogs how important it is to be able to connect with your audience, and find your voice when you are writing if you want to be successful and attract followers. During the last few weeks of this project I tried to put a little more personality into my postings, but I found that this was very difficult for me to do. As a result even from just this, I think I learned something valuable about myself as a person. Perhaps being a little too self-conscious to put myself out there in a blog, and maybe even in relationships. Online relationships as well as offline ones require a personal effort to connect in order to be successful.