Studio Tours: Exploring Blogging Projects

Tricia’s That Pinterests Me
The first classmate blog I looked at was Tricia’s, which is focused on the successes and failures of Pinterest projects. As Pinterest has gotten so popular, I found this to be a brilliant blogging idea. I enjoyed reading about her experiences. The layout of her blog is very inviting with bright colors and creative titles. The site was also extremely easy and straightforward to navigate having two options, a home page which hold her content, and an about page that clearly outlines the purpose of the blog. Her postings are very well linked which makes it easy to follow her projects, as the links provide a clear sense of the tools and supplies she is using, and the pages she is getting her project ideas from. I will not be surprised if Tricia is able to gain a good following with her blog. Along with the layout being inviting, her writing style is also very casual, and easy to relate to. She doesn’t just tell you how she does things and her results, she immerses you in the experience with her filling you on the more intimate and personal details that are happening as the project is being tried. This writing styles makes the audience feel like they are a part of something as they read the material. A quality that will certainly encourage readers to invest more of their time, and revisit the site multiple times.

Shanna’s Another Extraordinary Machine
Second, I toured Shanna’s tumbler page focused on fitness. Upon first entering Shanna’s page, I was a little unsure about how I liked the format of Tumbler, probably just because this was my first time exploring it. As I progressed through her content, however, I found I actually liked the way the content is all lain out in basically three separate columns. It kind of reminded me of the layout of pinterest. As for the overall concept, I find this to be an excellent platform. Not only is she writing about fitness, she is including real-life experiences, hers and people she knows. This kind of in-site makes the blog highly relatable, and invaluable for people with similar goals. I greatly enjoyed reading her content, she is informative, but also straightforward telling her audience her personal thoughts and opinions about various topics she covers. She also includes lots of pictures and comics that give her site a good comic relief as the topics of health and fitness usually have a more serious and concentrated  like tone. Her pages are loaded with a mixture of helpful fitness tips, recipes, her own personal experiences, and even some very well annotated  links of other peoples personal experiences.  I  enjoy that she is very frank and real with herself throughout her postings. At one point she explains things she will not live without, and things she has no problem giving up. This kind of honestly with yourself is crucial in any successful fitness journey. She also frequently covers and explores  the struggles woman have with body image vs. just being healthy.  All of these qualities will make me want to keep up with Shanna’s work in the future.

Whitney’s Blogging About Blogging
Last, I explored Whitney’s blog in the section Blogging About Blogging, which is basically exactly as the title describes. I like Whitney’s overall page design and style. It is not busy, and is actually very refreshing to look at. Her page is also very easy to navigate with multiple pages that give you detailed browsing options. Whitney’s content is always fun to read in my opinion. She is casual, but still pretty professional; including some jokes and personal tidbits in with her information. Her posts are thoughtful in their analyses of the weekly blogs. I also think it’s great that she actually contacted some of the authors in order to ask questions about their blogs. This sort of thing adds a sense of authenticity and professionalism to her blog.  Her platform of following a variety of bloggers for a week or so, is not only directly pertinent to the class, but also interesting, and a topic I can see her continuing on with to some extent.


Project Week 3 Reflections

Week three of the project is in the books!

I had a lot of great content planned for this week. I ended up using the same approach I did last week which came back to bite me in the butt, so to speak, this week. Instead of posting over a period of multiple days, as I noticed later Professor Morgan suggested I do, I started all of my posts at the same time and was planning on working on them throughout the week. Unlike last week, however, typical life stuff came up and I was not able to work on my posts when I had planned to work on them. You would think after a solid seven years of having to manage time and homework, I would remember not procrastinate and to expect the unexpected. Such a simple idea, yet so easily ignored and forgotten. Anyway, I only managed to put together one post this week. This post is an overview of tips on how to stretch your dollar in order to cook healthier on a budget. Early in the week I decided to change my blog format to better suit the multiple purposes of my blog. My blog now has a header photo somewhat correlating with my blog’s title, as well as pages that will allow my readers easier access to the wide array of topics I cover using this blog.

Things I learned this week:
Besides all of information on my post Preparing Healthy Meals on a Low Income Budget, I learned how important it is to produce post daily and even ahead of time. This not only compensates for unforeseen distractions, but also keeps your readers involved. Posting one post per day in a series allows your readers time to comment on a post, and gives you time to respond and adapt your future work accordingly.

The upcoming week:
This week I am planning to build off of last week’s post. My posts will include in-depth information about the 6 topics I presented in last week. Make sure to come back for some valuable information on how you can conserve money while preparing healthy meals.

April 7th Weekly Reflection

For my project this week, I created five posts that all centered on general healthy cooking tips. I began with general cooking tips that explain how reduce the amount of fat and salt in cooking. My next post offered general substitution ideas that can be used to make meals healthier, an example being switching processed cheese for natural real cheese. Staying on this same track I included a post that provides ideas on adding produce to your meals to make them healthier. Using some of the ideas from these posts, I created two posts explaining the methods and results to that came from my  two trials this week. These posts are A Better Grilled Cheese, and Make a Better Pasta Dish.

I have to say that everything went really very well for me this week. I posted all of the things I wanted to, and feel I included adequate information in each post. One thing I did this week, that made organizing my thoughts a little easier, was starting all of the posts at the same time as word documents, and just working on them all at the same time throughout the week. As a lot of this information can overlap, I was able to add and exchange information between posts creating a more organized layout using this method. As a result, I posted all of my posts the same day. I’m not entirely sure if that is an acceptable method for this project, but it certainly was convenient for me.

Next, I will be starting my two week long exploration of eating healthier while on a budget. I am extremely excited for this topic. I have had many people ask me already about what they can cook that is cheap but also healthy. Being a poor college student myself, I am eager to gain some insight on this topic for my own personal use. This week will likely not contain any trials. Instead I’m thinking I may include a summery of a scholarly article about poverty and nutrition or something similar.

First Week Project Reflection

For my blogging project on ways to cook healthier I decided start off on baking tips i.e., tips that can make baking healthier. That being said, I used week one to put to test the three most uncommon healthier baking tips I found, trying them out in actual recipes. My first trial was subbing in black beans in place of oil. The second was swapping avocado puree in for butter. The Last was using applesauce in place of sugar.

Overall, the trials went really well. I enjoy baking so it wasn’t difficult to get myself motivated to start the baking projects. The difficult part was more so to take the time after baking to sit down and write about it. I found I was tired after baking, as I usually got to it in the evening, and just wanted to sleep after doing my dishes. I was able to push through. I kept notes and took pictures of my results, and produced a posting for all three of my trials that are linked to in the first paragraph. 

Next week I will be doing similar trials and will also include a couple more informative posts on things I find via the internet or elsewhere that discuss how to generally make cooking healthier. I will hopefully create four posts this week. At least two of my posts this week will be similar trials to the ones I did with baking. These trials will be testing out healthier cooking alternative suggestions, and focusing on general tips that can make cooking healthier.

Weekly Reflections (Week Four)

This Week in Weblogs, I gained a new perspective on what it means to actually have to perform socially using technology. To recap, though socializing via social media sites like Facebook doesn’t happen face to face, there is still an extensive amount of social performing that needs to be done. In fact, sometimes things get more complicated socializing on these sites because we have to maintain a level of appropriateness with all of our different networks of people we are connected with that are usually remain separate in our everyday lives and now collide as we have allowed them all into our single all inclusive social media networks. To read more about this topic you can read my post Performing Socially Online and Having to Deal With Colliding Networks.

Otherwise, the week went well for me in regard to this class. I’m finding that my preferred method of writing and gathering my materials for the weekly assignments is using a Word document and then copy and pasting from there when I’m ready to post. I save URL’s and everything there so when I want to go back into the post to link things I have everything I need in one place.


Weblogs Week 3 Reflections

To start, I just want to say that I am very glad that I am very glad that book camp is over!

After having just been through book camp, I thought week three’s assignment was relatively easy. For my assignment posting for this week, I chose to write about the three different types of blogs; personal, filter, and purpose- driven. Examples of each can be found here in my blog post Blogging Options.

I thought the reading was kind of interesting this week. To me I found learning about the history of blogging especially interesting, mostly because it is such a new art that has already changed so much in the short time it has been around.

Looking at my work this week, I feel I completed this week’s assignment well, but feel I should have posted a few other times throughout the week to stay in the groove of blogging regularly.  Other than that I thought the week went very well for me.


Well, I would say the first two weeks of wikis and weblogs was aptly named. I have to say though, I completely understand why this was necessary. Without that initial push into this new world of digital writing, I don’t think I would have learned nearly as much, or become nearly as confident in my ability to figure things out for myself in the world of wordpress.

This week I have learned more about the world of blogging than I ever thought I would. I look back at my first post Me in a Nutshell Which I wrote with with a lot of self doubt, to my post Been Trampled? which I created with relative ease and confidence and even added and linked YouTube videos to the post, and am amazed at how far I’ve come in only two weeks.
It hasn't been easy all the time to figure all out everything needed for the required assignments, and this week my computer basically went to crap, but I pressed on, and I have to admit I'm glad I did. The rest of this class is going to be a lot easier, and even enjoyable now that I have all of the skills I've learned this week under my belt. Along with having learned a ton of new things these past two weeks, I have also greatly enjoyed reading everyone else's posts. One of my favorite being this one from The Gist

To end this post I just want to say, for anyone who has ever been curious about the blogging world, but you are like me and are a bit intimidated by the idea, and think that there is no way you could ever do it, don’t be like me. Just get there. You can even start today. Right now. Simply click here to go to the word press home page, click the orange get started button, and let your creative energy flow.

First Week in the Books

What a week. This week I started on my new life adventure and career path by moving to Bemidji, and starting classes on my way to becoming an educator. Even though it has only been a week, I have to say it is already evident that I am finally where I need to be in school, and in life. What an incredible feeling. I encourage everyone who stops by to read this blog, to stop. breathe. And take a moment look around you and just analyze where you are in life. Are you here for you, or are here for someone else or because you’ve falsely convinced yourself that this is where you want to be, even though you dream about doing something different with your life? It is never too late to start making decision that reflect who you are. One of the best feeling I have experienced yet in life, is taking the steps to do the things that I know in my heart I want to do, and ignoring the other notions my mind makes up about what I should be doing instead. We are intuitive creatures. You are wise. Trust yourself.