Studio Tours: Exploring Blogging Projects

Tricia’s That Pinterests Me
The first classmate blog I looked at was Tricia’s, which is focused on the successes and failures of Pinterest projects. As Pinterest has gotten so popular, I found this to be a brilliant blogging idea. I enjoyed reading about her experiences. The layout of her blog is very inviting with bright colors and creative titles. The site was also extremely easy and straightforward to navigate having two options, a home page which hold her content, and an about page that clearly outlines the purpose of the blog. Her postings are very well linked which makes it easy to follow her projects, as the links provide a clear sense of the tools and supplies she is using, and the pages she is getting her project ideas from. I will not be surprised if Tricia is able to gain a good following with her blog. Along with the layout being inviting, her writing style is also very casual, and easy to relate to. She doesn’t just tell you how she does things and her results, she immerses you in the experience with her filling you on the more intimate and personal details that are happening as the project is being tried. This writing styles makes the audience feel like they are a part of something as they read the material. A quality that will certainly encourage readers to invest more of their time, and revisit the site multiple times.

Shanna’s Another Extraordinary Machine
Second, I toured Shanna’s tumbler page focused on fitness. Upon first entering Shanna’s page, I was a little unsure about how I liked the format of Tumbler, probably just because this was my first time exploring it. As I progressed through her content, however, I found I actually liked the way the content is all lain out in basically three separate columns. It kind of reminded me of the layout of pinterest. As for the overall concept, I find this to be an excellent platform. Not only is she writing about fitness, she is including real-life experiences, hers and people she knows. This kind of in-site makes the blog highly relatable, and invaluable for people with similar goals. I greatly enjoyed reading her content, she is informative, but also straightforward telling her audience her personal thoughts and opinions about various topics she covers. She also includes lots of pictures and comics that give her site a good comic relief as the topics of health and fitness usually have a more serious and concentrated  like tone. Her pages are loaded with a mixture of helpful fitness tips, recipes, her own personal experiences, and even some very well annotated  links of other peoples personal experiences.  I  enjoy that she is very frank and real with herself throughout her postings. At one point she explains things she will not live without, and things she has no problem giving up. This kind of honestly with yourself is crucial in any successful fitness journey. She also frequently covers and explores  the struggles woman have with body image vs. just being healthy.  All of these qualities will make me want to keep up with Shanna’s work in the future.

Whitney’s Blogging About Blogging
Last, I explored Whitney’s blog in the section Blogging About Blogging, which is basically exactly as the title describes. I like Whitney’s overall page design and style. It is not busy, and is actually very refreshing to look at. Her page is also very easy to navigate with multiple pages that give you detailed browsing options. Whitney’s content is always fun to read in my opinion. She is casual, but still pretty professional; including some jokes and personal tidbits in with her information. Her posts are thoughtful in their analyses of the weekly blogs. I also think it’s great that she actually contacted some of the authors in order to ask questions about their blogs. This sort of thing adds a sense of authenticity and professionalism to her blog.  Her platform of following a variety of bloggers for a week or so, is not only directly pertinent to the class, but also interesting, and a topic I can see her continuing on with to some extent.